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          The magic of Oldfields is how you feel when you are here—excited and challenged, and at the same time, comfortable and at home. The very best way to experience it is in person.

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          Winter Break: Friday, December 20 - Monday, January 6

          Break begins at 12:30 PM. Transportation to bus, train, or airport will be provided beginning at 12:50. Please contact Libby Pace at PaceL@OldfieldsSchool.org with any questions.

          Boarders must return by 7:30 PM on January 6. School resumes Tuesday, January 6 at 9:30 AM.

          All boarding parents must submit the Travel Form by December 15.

          Shuttles - for major breaks only (Thanksgiving, winter, spring)

          • Shuttle transportation is provided beginning at 12:50 PM. Shuttle times will be based on the travel information provided by parents on travel form.
          • Return shuttles will be offered throughout the day, until 7:30 PM.

          All students MUST fill out a travel form 502 Bad Gateway 3 days prior to departure and

          PaceL@OldfieldsSchool.org. Parents must make arrangements and discuss with their daughters well in advance of the departure date.

          Travel Form >


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          Please review the following FAQs so that all girls leaving and coming to campus are safe and on time:



          Free shuttles are provided by the School on all breaks to Baltimore Washington International airport, Amtrak’s Baltimore Penn Station, and Baltimore’s Bolt Bus terminal. Shuttles begin 10 minutes after the official break dismissal and continue on an “as needed” basis.

          A fee will be charged for transportation to Dulles airport and Reagan National airport. Questions about unaccompanied minors should be directed to Dean of Residential Life.


          If our plans change mid-travel (delayed departures, missed buses etc.), who do I notify?

          All students and parents should keep the AOD (Administrator on Duty) phone number, 443-662-1111, in their contacts in case travel plans change mid-travel, such as delayed departures, missed buses, etc. This is essential to ensure a shuttle is there at the proper time to pick up the student. Someone is monitoring this phone the entire time our girls are traveling.

          I can save money on plane fare if my daughter leaves a day early and returns a day late. Can we do this?


          It is expensive for my daughter to fly home. May my daughter stay on campus during school vacations?

          Students may not stay on campus during major holidays (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, or Spring Break) but they may stay with a host family. Finding a host family will be facilitated by the Dean of Residential Life. Students are welcome to stay on campus during long weekend breaks, and there will be an administrator on duty assisted by a duty team to chaperone various activities and meals.


          How do I give permission for my daughter to leave campus for an overnight or weekend privilege?

          Your daughter must complete an overnight or weekend privilege form located outside of the Dean of Residential Life’s office, by Thursday at 3:00 p.m. The parent must also either call or email the Dean of Residential Life by Thursday at 3 p.m.


          Is my daughter allowed to spend a night or weekend away at a friend’s?

          Yes, to spend the night or weekend at a friend’s house your daughter should complete an overnight or weekend privilege form. The host parent/guardian and the Oldfields student’s parent/guardian should speak with one another and contact

          The Dean of Residential Life by 3:00 p.m. on Thursday.


          Is my daughter allowed to stay in a hotel?



          I would like to visit my daughter occasionally during the school year. How do I make those arrangements? May I stay overnight on campus? May I take her off campus during the weekdays?

          Parents may visit their daughters at any time and are encouraged to stay at a nearby hotel. Students need to attend classes and afternoon activities/sports during the day, but may go out to dinner with their parents on weeknights. However, they are expected to be back by 7:30 p.m. in time for Room Check and Study Hall.


          May I take my daughter with me on a trip when School is in session?

          Oldfields discourages taking students out of school when classes are in session because it will put her at an academic disadvantage and is considered an unexcused absence.


          Please contact Dean of Residential Life, Libby Pace at 443-662-1084, or PaceL@OldfieldsSchool.org with any questions.

          1500 Glencoe Road
          Sparks Glencoe, Maryland 21152

          Each Girl's Success

          At no other school will so many caring individuals be focused on a young woman’s success as a student, a leader, an athlete, an artist, or an adventurer!


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          The Oldfields Difference

          From our unique academic schedule to our one-of-a kind May Program, there are benefits to OS students that cannot be found elsewhere.

          Learn more about May Program >

          Undeniable Results

          High standards, low pressure, and a supportive environment result in confident, successful young women.

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          A Sporting Life

          Experience a different approach to coaching and team building, one where sportsmanship matters and there is a place on the team for everyone.

          Athletic and co-curricular options >

          Unleash Creativity

          In the spotlight or behind the scenes, in the studio or behind the camera, find your creative outlet.

          See a recent performance >

          A Girl and her Horse

          Oldfields’ Riding Program is where learning moves out of the classroom and into the barn.

          Meet our horses >

          Total Life Balance

          Students’ days are intentionally planned to nurture mind, body, and spirit – and have fun!

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          Giving back

          Each new experience and every time-honored tradition we share with Oldfields girls is made possible by the gifts you send.

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